Wednesday, 16 December 2009

a povel


Their breath smells like must; dust makes me gag; I have to stand too close; her hair smells like chutney; a distinct smell of hammers; they rub against me; “Why don't you look at me when we make love”; imagining them all naked makes the smell of sweat seem cleaner; they smell like food; do I smell like toast?; he eats tea for every meal; he eats coffee; if we were naked this wouldn't be so awkward:

Something is vibrating my tree; I can seeeeee vibrations; my hands are dead, just let them typetypetypetype until they stop; stop dead; stop being dead; mostly stop dead a few times and then wander to youtube; men are better than toddlers are better than paedogeddon are better than onions are better than real people; I made an infinite, pardon me:

Say “excuse me”; will you excuse me?; they never excuse me, they just want a token to keep:

Passing out on buses because they rock me; “rock me” (to be said in an Austrian accent); please help me rock you; it would be so easy to sleep if you didn't have to worry about dropping things; my feet are sticky but I don't mind putting my bag on the floor? That goes on my lap; double standards:

One hour equals £5; does size factor into the equation?; 5/(1010 cubic inches) is not correct; do you factor in empty space covered by product?; what about electricity bills?; we should all play cards by any equation:

If they were all zombies this would be easier:

He says they were looking at us funny, all I saw were people; foxes see in black and white, maybe I do too; if I was a fox I would move to the country but not too far from a village, because I couldn't kill a pheasant, much less catch it; I saw a pheasant run away from me once, it looked like it fell out of a tree, only backwards:

When I walk into dark rooms alone I imagine there might be a body there and it will traumatise me and give me a phobia of walking into rooms alone; a neurosis isn't a phobia, no matter what people tell you; I am only occasionally scared of spiders; I need to talk to them, if we just ran in opposite directions this would be easier:

This could be easier:

Some days it's just hard to walk down the street and not kill someone; target permanent; the ability to cover everything is underestimated; everything includes yourself, people always forget that; I'm everything sometimes, when I walk down the street and sing to myself and the world, we're best friends in an abusive relationship; it's no-one's fault, we share the burden, but I swear he's seeing other people:

It would be easier if it was ok to take your duvet everywhere you went, then people wouldn't be able to find me:

Don't believe what they say, the earth is mostly just rock; my rock is billions of years old but I don't feel awed, I'm that old too and I can at least talk about it; my cat remembers being a tiger; sometimes I am a monkey again, and then I get hunted, but they are more scared of me than I am of them:

People are so polite when you kick them; being grumpy makes people like you; can I appreciate things while I have them please? The build up is so much better; I am in a constant state of missing something; people tell me I smell like hammers: that's a lie, I made that up, it's just a bit of legerdemain, some prestidigitation.

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