Thursday, 28 October 2010

I used to be able to write in full sentences

I wrote an essay about how much being sad is funny. It was generally well received and was so clever I now can't understand any of the technical stuff in it. I consider this a success on the level of a scientist being eaten by her own mutant, miscarried child after using her forbidden science to re-create the life that was so cruelly stolen from her.

Just like that.


Oh, and here's pictures for sad children, whom I stole from.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


That was a draft. I do drafts now, apparently.

Drafting = I'd like to get to know it better.

Wanna draft?

He was yellow and I loved him

I found him on the stove
He let me hold him

I made him a house
I gave him a bath
And then he broke his neck on the bars

We were going to talk to each other
We were going to be best friends
We were going to grow old and laugh Hah look at all those others that try to be like us

He was going to live in my room and watch out for me
I would be delightfully incompetent and doting
He would be responsible and loud- Stretch tall and tell us what we should know. Ta tweet. Hah they should stay away.

I would hold you and you would twitter
Oh how silly you are how silly I am
I would smile and enjoy my part

We were going to be best friends but you broke your neck on a bar

I'll miss him but I'll miss the story more

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Two hands and a body

Enjoy the smell of clean hands and soap;
(always wash the back of your hand. i read that on a poster in a hospital)
Don't just knock on wood. Knock on everything;
No two walls are the same, and they tell you so much;
Talk to your cats and birds and stuff, they may have feelings too;
Always pretend you're driving the bus;
Always count down from 5 when you are waiting;
Always always feel it.

A year to this day! Minus 2 months and a pocket full of days

Updates. Yes. That sounds like a good idea. I may even transcribe some of the dribblings that have dropped out in the last year. After all, I'll only loose them.