Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Fevered notes

Was a pretty although disturbing (like an adult baby) face sitting attop a black scaled shape shifting thing. Although the shape shifter took the form of a tall hulking humanoid with skin like an anaconda's. His fists were white. Tney loved each other (the head was sometimes considered the woman, although genderless and reffered to as a "he". They loved each other unconditionally, although there was no physical aspect to it as far as I can tell). They were helping their friends get somewhere (getting somewhere was always a chore, this is post apocalyptica. At one point they slipped through Disneyland at night, dodging the shotgun wielding Disney cultists).

This pair (possibly the whole group) was being chassed by a man. I'm unsure who he is, but he's definately part of "The Law" as it stands. Not a mere bounty hunter or something, he had moral justification for what he was doing. Think the Big Sleep, but more of a sociopath. He would do anything to get them. "For the greater good" etc.

For some reason the shape shifter stays behind as the others go on. He doesn't doubt them, he knows they wil succeed even, he just stays. The face doesn't think this is a good idea (the face is a reasonable thing, moderate, keeps him safe, acts as another pair of eyes). The body rejects the head. Eventually (after some kind of conflict) giving it the big scaled body and pushing him away, breaking his heart (possible setting fire to the body (not sure), the face runs around in pain for this turn around). The body becomes a full person (he didn't need him he says/shows him) and puts him in a bath tub full of hooked tentacles (I have no idea) which strip aways the body, down to the bare neccecities to keep the head alive (maybe only mobile, I'm not sure). Now it is emaciated, ribs (literally) show, and his hands are over-sized crab claws on weedy arms.

The face is tortured. The ohysical torture is not so bad, the body is not so subtle, more beatings and semi-drownings in the tub. It is the emotional aspect that hurts. The body becomes some kind of gang boss. This is only important in showing his self-sufficiancy, the gang is irrelivant.

The detective finds them, but I don't think he recognises the body. He would suspect that he would change, but not that he would hold his head captive and torture it. He invites the detective to dinner, he brings his pretty wife.

The face is brought along, and humiliated. Innitially he is full of mad hatred for the detective, shouting through teary eyes at him (tears mainly of rage, partially of what he has lost). The body hurts him (physically, somehow) and makes him apologise. He is casually abused by them through the meal and has to say he enjoys it, answering the detectives questions in a submissive answer. The face is given a fatty, raw tongue to eat, some comment is made on it, he picks at it, eating the meat (he is so hungry, but he is humiliated by this). He wishes he had told the body he loved him (I think he loved him too much to let the detective know who he was. The body didn't even think the face would let out the truth, unconciously trusting their bond).

During this dinner something happens. The detective says something, his wife agrees and the body decides to go on after the others, asking the face if he should (unconscious relyiance on habit? he still maintains a distance, although a hint of sincerity comes through). He knows the others have found what they were looking for and he wants to go find them. The detective seems to fade out.

They leave and it becomes irrelevant. The face can't love the body again, but he goes through the motions.

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