Sunday, 7 December 2008

Novels etc.

"Write a book", they say. "It's a doddle", they say. "You'll enjoy it", they say. "Screw you", I say.

But then in hindsight I think I was a bit hasty. I like writing, I like novels. Two important factors when writing a book.

Most importantly, I hate it when books end. I hate to say goodbye to people I have spent so much time and emotion on, letting them go off alone when I close the book on the last page. It's like saying goodbye to a dying relative: you know they are alive now, but they might as well die as soon as you leave the room, you will never see them again.

So, we shall remedy that. I shall create a book and I shall have the option of just writing another one when I start to miss them. I will put that relative on life-support and pay a doctor to get out the defibrillator every time I want a chat.

So... writing... hrm...

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